Dr Arunas Radzvilavicius is an author and researcher exploring intersections between philosophy, mathematics, psychology and evolution.

In the field of human behavior, Arunas has created unique game theoretical theories of how morality, empathy and social norms evolve to promote social cohesion and fair provisioning of public goods.

In evolutionary biology, Arunas' most significant contributions include developing new theories of sex evolution, re-conceptualizing the evolution of sexes and germline determination.

In philosophy of biology, he has written on evolutionary conflict, cooperation, and information flows shaping the evolutionary process itself.

Arunas' work appears in Aeon, Quartz, Scientific American, Fast Company, Daily Mail, The Independent, Sydney Morning Herald, Chicago Tribune, The Wire, Undark, The Conversation, International Business Times, and other outlets. He lives and works in the beautiful Sydney, Australia.